Guess Who?

Q. Who was well known throughout Nottinghamshire for his loud shirts, shorts and thongs.
A. (rollover for answer) Tony Bernard

Q. Those of you familiar with East Enders may have recognised that this person bears a remarkable similarity to Angie - is this a coincidence and who is Dirty Den?
A. (rollover for answer) Karen Brackley

Q. At one point she was so desperate for money that she was forced to become a barmaid in her spare time only to throw in the towel after one of the customers referred to her as "Thunderthighs"
A. (rollover for answer) Julie Cox

Q. Complete with shaven hair cut and nipple ring he prepared to creep into the clinical course.
A. (rollover for answer) Jon Dowell

Q. Befitting his size he soon found himself in the Medics Rugby team.
A. (rollover for answer) Paul King

Q. Her trendy blond quiff and stripy dungarees attractively packaged her obvious assets..
A. (rollover for answer) Sarah Mills

Q. From that first year Jungle Book solo, his desire to perform escalated
A. (rollover for answer) Bernard Prendergast

Q. This innocent, enthusiastic, zit-ridden, oxytet-popping, Ramadan-abiding, Allah-fearing AC/DC fan was soon to become...
A. (rollover for answer) Saifee Rashiq

Q. He hasn't yet found a woman to put up with his temper tantrums or his Immac and silk stockings.
A. (rollover for answer) Tom Robinson

Q. He will never be forgotten whether it be for vomiting on the Captain's head when returning from Amsterdam, showing Dr Hawkey his biggest vein or for the ridiculous things he is always doing to his hair.
A. (rollover for answer) Tim Shackley


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And lest we forget ...

Our much missed friends  -  Teresa Morrison, Dawn Chance, Kath Hosker and Katy Dunn.